You Have to Check out Hulu’s New Dramedy Miniseries ‘The Great’

Photo by Ollie Upton/Hulu

The Great is a new coming of age series that is sure to give you a couple of laughs.

The miniseries will drop on May 15th, starring Elle Fanning as Catherine the Great and Nicholas Hoult as Emperor Peter III.

With the release of the teaser trailer, the series already amuses viewers by admitting the historical inaccuracies that will be presented throughout its full 10-hour run. It’s satirical, dark, and hilarious, but purposefully.  The series is unafraid to give the viewers its full interpretation of Catherine The Great, one of the most powerful female monarchs in Russian history.

We will catch a glimpse of Elle Fanning’s portrayal of Catherine as a penniless German teenage princess caught up in an arranged marriage, trying to find a place in an 18th-century high Russian society. She deems her then-husband idiotic, but has high hopes about her new life Russia. She has fantasies of her romantic new life, but will soon encounter dark realities of living in the confines of privileged society.


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Catherine’s place in court is surely at the top. #TheGreat 2 DAYS!

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For now, Catherine is not quite Catherine yet, but will slowly learn her place without realizing she’s one step closer to her destiny.