Jameela Jamil is the Feminist We Should All Know About

Todd Williamson/NBC

A quick portrait of Jameela Jamil, the actress, feminist, activist, and journalist we don’t talk enough about.

You may have seen her on NBC’s The Good Place, available on Netflix. Jameela Jamil is a feminist and activist. In April she launched her own podcast called “I Weigh” available on Apple podcasts and iHeartRadio, where she advocates for women and interviews notable guests such as Reese Witherspoon and recently, Demi Lovato. Her so-fresh podcast talks about inclusivity, society’s expectations about womens’ bodies, weight, the internet, social media, and racism.

Take some time to listen to her podcast to help you feel more positive about women in the world.

Back in February, the girlfriend of the British singer James Blake came out as Queer after she faced much criticism due to her role in the new HBO LGBT show, Legendary. Jameela is an inspiration for all the young women who yearn for acceptance and inclusivity; she wants women to feel gathered and loved, and works to make sure it happens. On April 15, the “I weigh” community became a hotline.

Check it out.

Keep up with Jameela and the inspirational work she is doing, by tuning into her podcast or following her on Twitter or Instagram. And be sure to catch her on The Good Place if you’re not already watching.