Lianne La Havas’s New Ep, ‘Paper Thin,’ Has Some Strong Retro Vibes, You Have to Listen


Lianne La Havas’s new and infinitely chill EP, Paper Thin, was released through Warner/Nonesuch Records last week.

Paper Thin features La Havas’s newest song, “Paper Thin”, as well as the smooth and summery jam, “Bittersweet” (which was released this past February). 

From its folksy, soulful sound to its unfeigned and expressive lyrics, Paper Thin leaves listeners pining for those soon-to-be summer days. And luckily enough for those listeners, Paper Thin is just a preview of La Havas’s work to come. 

The tracks on her latest EP are slated to appear on La Havas’s upcoming album, Lianne La Havas, which will be released on July 17. Though we can see the fireflies and smell that summery lemongrass already, Lianne La Havas will be more than just a summer album to “chill out” to. In a press release, La Havas revealed the personal depths that she explored while writing her new album, stating, “I’ve tapped into the best and worst parts of me. While I didn’t expect this to be the direction of my new music, it’s my reality and it’s driven by emotion. I dare say that this is the closest I’ve gotten to a pure expression so far.”

Lianne La Havas will be the young indie singer’s third studio album. It is preceded by the MOBO and Grammy-nominated Blood (2015) and Is Your Love Big Enough? (2012), which won the accolade of “iTunes Album of the Year.”

We can’t wait to see what La Havas has in store for us this summer.