Taylor Swift Announces Her ‘City of Lover’ Paris Concert Special, Be Sure to Tune In


Attention Swifties, ABC is airing unreleased footage from Taylor Swift’s City Of Lover Paris concert.

Taylor Swift canceled all live performances for the rest of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including her first musical festival, Lover Fest, that was supposed to begin at the beginning of April. However, with her new hour-long concert special, Swift will be seen singing her latest hits from her Lover album.

The special series will air on May 17th at 10 pm E.T. and be made available the next day on both Disney+ and Hulu streaming platforms.

The “ME!” singer is known to have a great relationship with her fans. For her concert special, she handpicked fans from 37 countries to listen to her perform songs live in Paris.

Swift also delighted fans by singing fan- favorite songs from her previous albums such as Red and 1989, proving her old classics will never go out of style.