Justin and Hailey Bieber’s New Facebook Watch Series Is a Must-See for Bieber Fans

The series follows the couple as they quarantine in their Toronto home.

Facebook Watch is a video on-demand service powered by Facebook that announced a new series The Biebers on Watch, where the Biebers will share what their life in quarantine is like with the rest of the world.  “Justin and Hailey Bieber open up their home and marriage to offer an exclusive look at their life through a series of intimate conversations and activities with famous friends and family,” the series synopsis says.

The 12-episode series, which is filmed by go-pros installed in the couple’s home, will give fans a fresh, inside look at the couple. Justin and Hailey are going to be sharing intimate details about their relationship and how they have been working on it together. The couple are being completely candid by sharing every high and low that they have encountered in their relationship, so far. In the pilot episode, they went to the lake near their house and discussed their life together.

The first episode aired on May 4 and you can catch new episodes of The Biebers on Watch every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on Facebook Watch. Each episode will be accompanied by a Facebook Live segment. Don’t worry if you miss any episodes, they will all be on Justin Bieber’s Facebook page.

Stay up to date with Justin and Hailey Bieber and watch their new Facebook Watch series The Biebers on Watch.