Check out Adele’s Glorious Return to Instagram


After a 19 week break from her last post, Adele returns with the stunning reveal of her recent weight loss.

Adele just broke her long hiatus from Instagram since she last wished fans a merry Christmas back in December. The popular singer posted in celebration of her 32nd birthday, thanking her fans for “the birthday love.” She also took the time to address the events surrounding the coronavirus pandemic: “I hope you’re all staying safe and sane during this crazy time.” Adele continued to express her gratitude toward all first responders and essential workers, who she thanked for keeping the public safe and called them “our angels.”

Fans appreciated Adele’s warm wishes for their well-being and her compassion towards those working the front lines, but they were also in complete awe of her body’s transformation. Fans blew up the comment section, telling the artist how amazing she looked. Even Chrissy Teigen hilariously commented “I mean are you kidding me.”

But even though Daydreamers were hyping up Adele’s new body, they also made sure to let the artist know that she was just as beautiful before.

Is Adele’s return to social media a sign that she is preparing for a new album release? Hopefully it is, but we’ll just have to keep up with her, to see.