Watch Sia Perform Her New Song ‘Saved My Life’ Co-Written by Dua Lipa

Atlantic / Tonya Brewer

Sia’s proceeds from the track “Saved My Life” will go to the CORE Response and the Americares’ charities to help in fighting COVID-19.

Sia first performed “Saved My Life” on May 1 during Americares’ COVID Is No Joke livestream. Americares is a health-focused nonprofit organization, which particularly focuses on fighting COVID-19 by helping frontline health workers and those who are in life-threatening conditions, or those in need of essential health services due to the pandemic.

During her performance, Sia obscured her face behind a lamp as she often does during concerts and events. The reason why Sia likes to hide her face is to minimize the unhealthy impacts of the music industry on her and her close friends, and to help maintain parts of her private life.

Americares’ fundraiser also featured people like Gal Gadot, Elizabeth Warren, Mindy Kaling, Stephanie Beatriz, Tony Goldwyn, Will Ferrell, and many others well-known stars.

The song has a raw and powerful message: “I know that in darkness I’ve been given sight,” Sia sings on the powerful new track. “Well someone must have sent you here to save my life.” 

Watch Sia’s performance of “Saved My Life” and the rest of the special, below. Her performance starts at the 59:19 minute mark and you can listen to the studio version here