Hear What Ellen Degeneres Has to Say to the Graduating Class of 2020

Mike Rozman/NBC

Ellen DeGeneres sent graduating high school and college seniors all over the country off with words of encouragement and some last minute wisdom.

With the unfortunate cancellation of graduation ceremonies due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ellen DeGeneres decided to take it upon herself to send off the class of 2020 with a proper commencement speech.

The popular talk show host put on a bathrobe for the momentous occasion and encouraged the seniors watching at home to put on their own caps and gowns as well.

Ellen first congratulated the high school seniors, noting that her high school graduation was her “favorite graduation ceremony” and her “only graduation ceremony, really.”

She then congratulated the college seniors, saying she was impressed by their wide range of studies and to remember just how accomplished they now are at only 21. She comedically added that her biggest accomplishment at that age was scoring front row tickets to a Peter Frampton concert.

She ended her speech on a more serious note, imparting some words of wisdom that she has learned over the course of her life: “There are gonna be bad times in life, like what’s happening right now. In my life, I’ve been through some incredible highs and some tremendous lows, and the one thing that’s true about both of them is that they pass. So cherish the good times, and in the bad times, remember that it won’t last forever. It does get better.”

The speech was a lovely gift to the graduating class of 2020, and a great sequel to the commencement speech she gave at Tulane University back in 2010.

Congratulations, Class of 2020.