You Have to Check out Kate Hudson on ‘Fallon At Home’ as She Takes a Walk Down Memory Lane

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

This Time on Fallon At Home, Jimmy speaks with none other than Kate Hudson. 

During their time speaking, the pair took the chance to reminisce on their time together after the filming of Almost Famous. 

After filming ended for the film, Fallon and Hudson shared that they had gotten close and were spending a large amount of time together. However, neither one of them were aware if the other had feelings, so they inevitably stayed friends. “If you would’ve actually made a move, I would’ve totally gone there,” Hudson expresses to Fallon on the video chat. She continues on to say, “Who knows? Our whole life [trajectory] could’ve been different.”

Both even agreed that everything happens for a reason and that everything turned out for the better. “Everything turned out perfect,” Fallon replies. “-Exactly the way it was supposed to be,” the actress chimed in.

Check out the full conversation in the video above.