Watch Meryl Streep, Audra McDonald, and Christine Baranski Perform Virtually


Meryl Streep, Audra McDonald, and Christine Baranski took to the interwebs, dressed in their best and comfiest bathrobes, to perform a virtual performance of “The Ladies Who Lunch.”

To commemorate the 90th birthday of composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim, the trio sung out while holding on to the drink of their choice. Sondheim, who is well-known for his work in musical theater, is the composer of the piece the trio sang. This was definitely a significant moment that not only captured the talent and performance presence of these three women, but also captured the talent and presence of several actors and musicians.


This segment only lasted about two minutes but the entire perfomance which features some familiar faces from broadway lasts about two hours. The free online event was hosted by Raúl Esparza, who performed in the revival of the broadway show Company in 2006.

You can stream the entire performance above and view different parts of the show by clicking through the provided timestamps.