Take a Look at Katy Perry’s Wacky, But Relevant, Outfit

ABC/Gavin Bond

Katy Perry is notorious for her creative and somewhat out of the ordinary outfits and this one may be her most unique choices.

As a reminder to practice good hygiene during the lockdown, Katy Perry pulls off one of her most elaborate costumes, yet. Dressed as a big bottle of hand sanitizer, Katy Perry tells her followers to remember to take care of themselves by practicing cleanliness.


In her post, she also spoke about hosting the very first episode of “American Idol” from her home. During that episode of “American Idol,” she kept the costume on as it read “American Idol Instant Music Sanitizer.”


Many celebrities are using their large platforms and taking the intitiative to remind millions of people in the world to take care of their hygiene and practice social distancing. These actions are crucial to help flatten the curve and help us all return to our more normal, daily lives.