Save the Date; Kehlani Just Announced the Release Date of Her New Album

Arturo Torres\Atlantic Records

On April 24, which also happened to be her 25th birthday, Kehlani took to social media to officially announce the release date of her upcoming studio album, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t with Atlantic Records.

As Kehlani mentioned in the posts, the album is currently set to release on May 8 of 2020, so definitely keep an eye out for that.

Additionally, this piece of news has got fans beyond excited. Ever since her latest mixtape, While We Wait, released on February 22 in 2019, her supporters have been highly anticipating this upcoming project.

Correspondingly, she also chose to share the album cover art as well, which is just her in her backyard, standing tiptoed on a wicker patio chair, water hose in hand, doing what seemed like peeping over her brick wall into her neighbors yard.

Soon following, some of her supporters took the liberty of recreating the image and putting their own fun little twist on it.

Although the singer has released songs here and there such as, “Toxic,” “Valentine’s Day (Shameful) and “Everybody Business,” this will be the first full length album of 2020.