Watch Fran Drescher Reminisce on Her Most Iconic Looks From ‘The Nanny’

Evans Vestal Ward/NBCUniversal

Fran Drescher sits down virtually with Vogue to discuss her most eye-catching outfits.

Throughout the years, Fran Drescher has made more than a few fashion statements. Watch her outfit break down below.

The video starts off with a classic look that Fran rocked onset of The Nanny back in 1993. Drescher describes this outfit that was worn on the pilot episode as a “definitive nanny looking costume…definitely sexy, but not trashy.” Drescher looked back on how she and the costume crew would add their own details to the outfits on the show, like custom buttons or shortening the skirts.

Drescher always thought of herself as a fashion icon, idolizing vintage film stars like Audrey Hepburn, Catherine Deneuve and Lucille Ball for their sophisticated sense of style.

In season three of The Nanny, Drescher recalled being her thinnest while rocking an orange leather Ralph Lauren suit. In this episode, she snuck her way to Paris without Mr. Sheffield knowing, and wore other designer brands like Chanel; this was the episode where he confessed his love for her.

When Drescher attended the 1996 Golden Globe Awards she wore a headdress made up of real flowers along with a beautiful white gown. In season four, she would the costume crew dressed her in a lot of Moschino and Versace pieces. Everything she wore she described positively, that the style was always right up her alley, making her feel like her most beautiful self on set. For all the beautiful styles and looks Fran has rocked over the years watch the full video.

The original cast of The Nanny got together earlier this month for a virtual reunion and reading of the first episode that aired back in 1993. The table read took place over zoom and was full of fun and laughter.