Soulful Pop Sensation Bryce Drew Drops New Song, ‘Love Life’ and Its a Self-Love Vibe

Photo: Davy Kesey

Singer and songwriter Bryce Drew may be new to the music game, but her songs are already timeless. 

Photo: Bryce Drew

This Miami native has landed in LA and she’s brought some refreshingly modern pop music on to the scene. She plays the guitar, writes songs, sings, and also landed the opportunity of working with a legendary producer who makes hits for Adele, Dua Lupa, and Katy Perry. She’s making a name for herself and we are loving it. Glitter is excited to premiere her new single “Love Life,” which echoes her themes of embracing self-love and being okay with not finding a relationship kind of love, just quite yet.

Photo: Davy Kesey

Bryce stated, 

Everyone who knows me will tell you that this song is my mantra. My last release, “21”, shared that I’ve been single for a very long time. “Love Life” is me saying, well, hold up— don’t go thinking I’m just here waiting around. It’s my treat yourself, love yourself, pick-me-up anthem.  It feels very timely that this would release right now when many of us are at home in solitude and searching for positivity. I hope it reminds whoever is listening to not let the current circumstance keep them from finding joy… buy your own flowers, make the nicest dinner, and light all the candles! Laugh at yourself while you’re at it. That’s what I’ll be doing.

Bryce is dropping her music video for “21” next week and a video for “Love Life” very soon but in the meantime, listen to her new single “Love Life” below.



Read her interview at Glitter here and stay tuned to our Instagram Live and Facebook Live for her upcoming performances tonight.