Master P’s Team Hope NOLA Foundation Is Planning to Offer Free Cleaning Services to New Orleans Residents, Take a Look

Master P is making sure that senior citizen residents of New Orleans, Louisiana are being taken care of during the global pandemic.

By now, we are all aware that our elderly friends and family members are considered to be at high risk during this pandemic. Therefore, Master P recently announced that his foundation, Team Hope NOLA, will offer free deep cleaning services and hand sanitizers to elderly New Orleans residents.

“We do not want to lose any more people” the rapper tells TMZ. “We will be going out to their homes beginning this week to sanitize their homes and property. We want to make sure the elderly houses are cleaned,” he continues.

In order for New Orleans residents to receive the donated hand sanitizers and free cleaning services, anyone in the New Orleans area that are 60 years of age or older can go onto the Team Hope NOLA website to sign up for Master P’s new deep cleaning service. In addition to signing up, residents must show a valid I.D. upon date of service to receive service efforts.

During the interview with TMZ, Master P shares, “My thing is, a lot of people forget about the elderly and a lot of the elderly are the ones getting hit hard and we are losing a lot of the elderly in the community.” “And my thing is making sure we go out and get them groceries, make monetary donations to them,” Master P continues.

Take a look at the entire clip below.

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