Tune in for ‘Some Good News’ With John Krasinski


The loved charismatic actor, John Krasinski, is another channel for coronavirus news, but it’s unlike anything we have been seeing.

Through YouTube, John Krasinski has launched a new series called ‘Some Good News’, and it has been receiving wonderful reviews. Some of the stories that he shares are happy, others sad, but in general, the episodes are bittersweet. He shows the world that not only can we lean on one another during the COVID-19 battle, but we can find happiness in doing so. He also includes some special guests…

With the help of the Hamilton Musical cast, Lin Manuel, and Robert De Niro, Krasinski was able to post (yet again) a fun and humorous video, while still giving a much-needed reality check.

By sharing ‘Some Good News’, the Krasinski family is offering a whole new perspective on the pandemic, and millions of people are finding comfort and relief. Be sure to catch up on Youtube, and tune in to episode 3 coming soon.