Louis Tomlinson Decides to Postpone His International Spring Tour, Take a Look at What He Has Been Telling Fans

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Louis Tomlinson expresses his sadness as he postpones his tour due to COVID-19.

Louis Tomlinson just announced that he will need to postpone his upcoming tour in Australia due to the coronavirus. He says that the health and well-being of his crew and his fans is more important, and that he hopes he can be back on the road soon. No new dates have been released yet, but Tomlinson said they are coming soon.

The singer was just about to start his world tour for his debut album, Walls, in Australia and New Zealand this month. He was going to start in Auckland on April 23, but unfortunately, that plan has been put on hold for now. Back in December, Tomlinson told Pedestrian in an interview that he was very excited to be returning to Australia since the last time he was there, he was touring with former band One Direction.

Tomlinson explained that he wanted to create a simple show for his fans. “It’s not going to be a massive production with any gimmicks, it’s just going to be pretty straightforward. Just a good live show focusing on music and hopefully we’ll have a good night.”

Keep up with Louis Tomlinson to see when he releases his new rescheduled tour dates.