Choura Events Is Taking Over the Site Where Coachella Is Held, Take a Look at What They’re Building Instead


Ryan Choura, from Choura Events, is taking over the site where Coachella would have been held to build COVID-19 tents.

To make use of the empty spaces , Ryan Choura, the founder of Choura Events (an organization responsible for building tents, stages,etc. for well known venues) has decided to replace the stages with triage tents for coronavirus patients.

This decision was deemed extremely necessary provided the situation at hand. In just this past month alone, there have been a 371 total confirmed cases in the Valley, including 13 virus-related fatalities. It has been estimated that it the situation could get much worse if precautions are not being taken seriously.

As always, we are hoping for the best. However, if COVID-19 persists, they are going to need all the medical tents they can make room for.

We thank companies like Choura Events for contributing so much during this crisis. With their help, we can stay much more prepared to keep our citizens safe and healthy.