Find out Which Organizations Shawn Mendes Is Supporting During the Global Pandemic

Will Heath/NBC

Shawn Mendes shows his support as he donates to a hospital in his hometown Toronto.

Shawn Mendes donated $175,000 to provide The Hospital for Sick Children, or SickKids, with emergency medical resources to help fight off coronavirus. He made the contribution alongside The Shawn Mendes Foundation so SickKids can buy any medical supplies and equipment they need during this pandemic. He wants to make sure they can care for patients exposed to COVID-19, while also continuing the efficient care they have been providing for patients and their families.

In August 2019, Mendes started the Shawn Mendes Foundation. He wanted to inspire his fan base to learn more about, and act on global issues they are passionate about. The foundation worked with SickKids on its first campaign and ended up raising $1 million. Now for the next month, all donations to the Shawn Mendes Foundation will help both SickKids and the World Health Organization (WHO) with their corona virus relief efforts.

Mendes has been very vocal about the pandemic that has been going on. He has been urging fans to stay home and take social distancing seriously. The singer warns that we will be able to get back to our normal, daily lives soon, but only if we take social distancing and everyone’s health seriously.

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