Discover Why Lady Gaga Is Postponing the Release of Her Album


Amid this crisis, Lady Gaga has pushed back the release of her upcoming album, Chromatica.

Mother Monster released a statement on Instagram Tuesday morning informing us of some upsetting news, the release of her newest album, Chromatica, will be pushed back to a later 2020 date. With this unfortunate news came more, her Las Vegas shows from April 30-May 11 have been postponed as well and quite possibly the most upsetting news: Gaga had a secret Coachella set planned for the promotion of her album.


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This was not an easy decision for Gaga, but with everything going on in the world, it was a tough decision she made for the better. Although she believes that music is something that can bring us together during this time, it just did not seem right with a global pandemic going on. Gaga wanted us all to be able to enjoy and experience this music together as one, but for now, encourages us to stay home to fight the spread of this virus.

Lady Gaga says now is the time to focus on solutions as our world desperately needs them and once this is over she can not wait to dance with us all again.

Gaga also shared a photo of her and her man quarantining, so let’s all take her advice and stay home!