Late Night Hosts Are Giving Monologues From Home

Timothy Kuratek/CBS

To practice social distancing, many late-night hosts decided to give their monologue from home and it is perfect.

Social distancing is becoming crucial and many late-night hosts are taking this opportunity to give their monologues from home. Of course, each one is as hilarious as the last. Stephen Colbert decided to do his monologue from his bathtub wearing a full suit. He included the video before a show re-rerun and said the guests were “Mr. Bubble, followed by a musical performance from the legendary duo Head & Shoulders.”

Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel decided to follow in Colbert’s footsteps and did their own at-home videos. Fallon’s wife filmed the video and his two children got to be a part of it. He asked his daughter Winnie to draw a shamrock in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, and she drew a green poop emoji instead. He then made a joke about teaching children from home and said, “My kids have already learned a valuable lesson: Their dad is an idiot.” Fallon ended it by urging viewers to donate to Feeding America.

Kimmel also made jokes about what it is like to be with his children all day every day. He started off by saying how you can learn a lot about yourself when you are in isolation and finished it off by saying, “For instance, I learned that I have two young children which was really something to find out.” He then joked how his blood type is “Disney positive, or Disney Plus, whatever they call it.” Kimmel then got a bit more serious and asked viewers to donate to the No Kid Hungry charity.

Watch these hilarious monologues as these late-night hosts try to make social distancing a little more entertaining.