Here’s What the Lasting Couples From ‘Love Is Blind’ Are up to Now


What are the couples that actually made it through the experiment up to now?

If you joined the bandwagon and binged Love is Blind within 24 hours then you are not alone. If you didn’t then here’s the rundown. Basically, single men and women were on the hunt to fall in love, but the twist is that they don’t see each other face-t0-face only relying on their conversations to measure their compatibility and emotional connection. The experiment tests the hypothesis if love is really blind, are emotions stronger than physical connection? Well, these couples can attest to that.

Only three couples really made it out alive: Lauren Speed & Cameron Hamilton, Amber Pike & Barnett, and last but not least Giannina Gibelli & Damian Powers. It is no secret that all of these couples were definitely put through the wringer, but hey they made it and they are in love. If you missed the juicy reunion then you have some catching up to do, but let’s see what these power couples are up to as of now.

Lauren and Cameron are married, the fan favorites, and have been serving looks day by day while traveling to Los Angeles on the reg for their many appearances, but when they’re not slaying they can be found chilling in Atlanta, Georgia.

Giannina and Damian the most controversial couple of the season have made peace and are currently just in a relationship. They have also been trotting the nation for their appearances looking super cute and being adventurous as always.

The crazy pair and the other married couple, Amber and Barnett, are keeping their silly spark alive in Georgia too. When they are not at country concerts they can be found traveling to their appearances as well.

Recently the three couples were invited on The Ellen Show for some fun.

These three couples are proof that love really is blind and funny enough we got to see the behind the scenes. So when is season two?