Take a Look at How Blake Lively Encourages Fans to Recycle


Blake Lively has been known to be an environmentalist and is constantly sharing different tips on how to help the environment.

Blake Lively is inspiring her fans to recycle more and go green. She shared a photo on her Instagram story from the account @stayplasticfree. The post explained how you can go plastic-free when using Amazon. Amazon still does not offer customers to pick specific packaging materials, but there is a way to make sure you’re being as eco-conscious as possible when it comes to the packaging. You can go to Amazon Second Chance to learn how to properly recycle your Amazon packages.


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Lively shared that while they were filming for Green Lantern in New Orleans, it was during the oil spill. Spending all of that time up-close to the location really opened up her views on environmental issues. “We were in New Orleans during the oil spill, so we got to see firsthand the effects of environmental destruction,” she said, “I wish we could all unify our wills more and make a change because we have messed up our planet a lot. We can fix it, but we just have to do it.”

She has also been known to support many different charities and speak up on issues that are creating huge problems in our world. She has been known to donate and support M.A.C. AIDs Fund, Autism Speaks, adoption, cancer, and so much more.

Stay up to date on Blake Lively as she continues to try to make our world a better place.