New Disney Pixar Movie ‘Soul’ Stars Jamie Foxx

Disney Pixar

Disney and Pixar’s new movie trailer will leave you shook.

Disney and Pixar are back at it again with the emotion-evoking movies, this movie trailer will make you sit back and maybe look at life a little differently. Soul is set to premiere in theaters this summer June 19 and we are already counting down the days.

Pixar is definitely no stranger to play with the idea of death since there are so many ways to look at it. Just like in Coco where they explored the concept of the afterlife and in Toy Story where they had to face the fact they were not immortal. This time though is a little different, Soul is exceeding these explorations and is about to put a whole new spin on what happens before you’re even alive. You have to watch the trailer to even try to grasp an understanding.

Jamie Foxx voices the main character, Joe Gardner, when he experiences an almost fatal incident resulting in his soul leaving his body sending him to a whole different dimension where other pre-earth souls who are in the process of developing their personalities.

He then meets these other souls one of them voiced by Tina Fey, as they test life’s biggest questions.


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This exciting new philosophical movie is about to give us some insight into the meaning of life and also, death.