Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Coachella Being Postponed


The organizers for Coachella are being cautious because of the coronavirus and are postponing the festival.

Coachella, the giant music festival in a desert in Southern California, is being postponed. The festival was originally supposed to occur April 10 to April 12 and April 17 to 19. It was estimated that about 250,000 fans were going to be in attendance. Now, the festival is going to occur six months later in October in hopes that the coronavirus will be gone by then.

The festival was going to feature artists such as Travis Scott, Frank Ocean, and a much-anticipated reunion for Rage Against the Machine. The festival’s organizers are trying their best to have as much as the original performers as they can, but they cannot make any promises. Many artists are responding to the postponement to reassure their fans that they will still be attending the show in October.

For some fans, it is not easy to just wait until October. Many people make special accommodations in either hotels or Airbnbs. Airbnb is requesting guests to speak with their hosts to see if they can change the date or discuss what they can do about the cancellation policy. Some airlines and hotels, though, are waiving fees or changes and cancellations in some situations in response to the outbreak.

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