We Finally Know Who Pilot Pete’s Mom Was Crying Over

John Fleenor/ABC

The moment we’ve all been waiting for was revealed last night on part one of The Bachelor finale.

The crying snippet of Peter Weber’s sweet mom has been shown over and over since the premiere of this season. All of us have been waiting anxiously to figure out what girl she is shedding tears over and our questions have finally been answered…well for the most part.


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On night one of this season’s finale things got a little tricky. The final two women: Hannah Ann and Madison were sent to meet Peter’s family. Madison had the one up in the beginning of the season in her romantic first one-on-one where she got to join his family in his parent’s lovely vowel renewal while they fell in love with Madison’s delightful southern personality.

Before the two girls even went to meet to Peter’s family, he had a heart-to-heart with them to see where his head was at. Once his parents heard about the news of Madison basically giving Peter an ultimatum about his intimacy with the other two girls their skepticism about Madison began to rise. They were not too happy about her stance on this issue, but Peter admitted this was the first girl he was falling in love with.

Everything seemed set in stone until Hannah Ann won them over when Peter brought her home. Hannah and Peter’s loving bond reminded his parents of their compatible marriage obviously checking all the boxes in his mom’s mind.

But before Madison came back to meet his family, she and Peter had a long very much needed talk resulting in her confessing her love for Peter. Unfortunately, Peter’s family did not feel the same way about the two. Madison and Peter’s mom were not on the same page about her standards because at the end of the day those are Peter’s decisions, not hers.

This finally led to the clip of Peter’s mom crying over Hannah Ann begging Peter to not let her go and to bring her home to them. Madison, on the other hand, had different plans, she admitted to Peter that it was time to wave that white flag because of their differences and she decided to go home throwing all of us off.


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