Lady Gaga Announces Her Summer Tour

Interscope Records

After the release of her single “Stupid Love” on Friday, Lady Gaga announced her tour that will be North American and European based.

Her summer tour called “Chromatica Ball” will be a six-date tour and she’ll be visiting two countries in Europe and the rest of her shows will be held in North America. Some of the areas mentioned are in London, Toronto, Boston, and Paris.

Tickets for Chromatica Ball will be available for sale on March 13th. VIP tickets will also be available and may include a backstage tour and special entry. Every ticket sold in North America will include a CD copy of Lady Gaga’s upcoming album Chromatica. Also, a dollar will be donated to her foundation, Born This Way, for each ticket sold in U.S. Since the tour will be running during the summer and her album drops April 10th, fans are expected to hear her perform her new music while on tour.

Get ready for Lady Gaga’s new music and tour coming real soon.