Discover Critics’ First Impressions of the New ‘Mulan’ Movie


Critics at the world premiere of Disney’s new live-action reboot of Mulan are praising this new film.

For those who may not know, Mulan is about a young Chinese girl who disguises herself as a man to take her elderly father’s place in the army. The movie will not officially be in theaters until March 27th but critics got the first look at the world premiere. Many of them went to social media to share their thoughts, and they are beaming with positivity.

Some fans have been eager to see what critics say especially since the live-action will have some elements from the animated version but not all. The movie will not be a musical like most Disney films are, but it will have some musical elements to it.

Another noticeable difference will be the absence of two beloved characters: the dragon, Mushu, and the officer and love-interest, Li Shang. Don’t get too upset, though, because Li Shang’s character is not completely gone. He will be split into two new characters. One is Commander Tung as a mentor, and the other is Honghui, a fellow soldier and eventual love interest.

Get excited for the new Mulan movie coming out on March 27th and check out the trailer below.