Here are All the Twists from ‘Love is Blind’ Reunion


Love is Blind is back for a reunion to update us on where the couples are now.

Love is Blind quickly became popular as everyone watched people fall in love without ever meeting each other. The Netflix show recently released a reunion with all of the couples to let us know where they are now. It has been over a year since the show was filmed so here is a little update on how each couple, and ex-couples, is doing.

Kelly and Kenny

Many fans were shocked when Kelly said “I don’t” to Kenny. Today, the couple are still not together. Kenny shared that he is now in a loving relationship and Kelly is still happily single and looking for the one.

Amber and Barnett

Barnett was the man of the hour during the beginning of the season, but Amber ultimately won his heart. The couple is still together and happier than ever. They have moved in together to a house closer to the city and say everything is going great.

Mark and Jessica

This couple had some obstacles in the pods when Jessica also fell for Barnett and then in the real world, they had to work on the age difference. Jessica ultimately decided not to marry Mark and left him at the altar. At the reunion, Amber finally called Jessica out for her crush on Barnett and Jessica publicly apologized to Mark.

Giannina and Damian

Gigi and Damian struggled a lot with the real world and it seemed like they were fighting every day. Damian did say no at the altar but the couple has decided to try to make it work. They are going to take it slower this time and are currently happily dating.

Lauren and Cameron

This couple is arguably the fan-favorite couple from the show. The couple is very much in love and recently even got a puppy together. The best news is that Lauren’s tough dad has finally accepted Cameron and their relationship.

Keep up with your favorite couples and watch the Love is Blind reunion.