Viral Subway Singer Performs on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

The infamous subway singer never expected to sing live on Ellen, but here she is.

Kevin Freshwater, a YouTuber who often partakes in crazy antics online was filming a video called ‘Finish The Lyrics’ and ran into a woman with a voice that took our breath away.

In these videos, the YouTuber runs up to people with a mic in his hand frantically asking them to finish the lyrics to whatever song he starts singing. When he went down under to the London Tube he ran into a woman named Charlotte Awbery, and he asked her to finish the lyrics to a hit from A Star is Born, “Shallow.” Charlotte was hesitant at first, but then she beautifully busted out the rest of the lyrics to the song and shocked the entire nation.

Awbery was recognized all over for her amazing voice and became so well known that she was asked to appear on The Ellen Show. The singer had been utilizing her vocal skills for weddings, pub performances and restaurants for about 15 years until the YouTuber came across her and blew us away. It only felt right that Ellen brought her on for a live performance. The giving talk show host then gifted her with a year-long pass on the London Tube and 10,000 pounds.

She was so excited for her opportunity to meet and perform on The Ellen Show and showed it off and the cutest way.

We can not wait to see wait it is in store next for the subway singer.