Justin Bieber Released New Visuals for ‘Changes: The Movement’

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Justin Bieber has released two new dance-focused music videos for Changes: The Movement.

Justin Bieber is making a visual series for his album Changes called Changes: The Movement and fans are more than excited about it. He previously did this for the album Purpose where he released a dance video for each song on that album in 2015. The two new videos from the Changes album are the songs “Habitual” and “All Around Me.” Both videos feature dancers doing intricate choreography, but Bieber is absent in both of them.

The “Habitual” video shows a male and female in a dressing room who then move through the backstage area of the venue. They are joined by more dancers and eventually come together on a stage in an empty venue.

The “All Around Me” video also focuses on a male and female dancer in a room with moving walls. It ends with the couple intimately holding each other as the walls are closing in on them.

Changes was released on Valentine’s Day of this year. He is also going on The Changes Tour this summer in North America with special guests Kehlani and Jaden Smith. The tour will start May 14 in Seattle at CenturyLink Field and will end on September 26th in New Jersey at Metlife Stadium.

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