Judge Judy Ends Her Show After 25 Years

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Judge Judy officially announced on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that Judge Judy will be coming to an end after season 25. 

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Even though Judy Sheindlin spoke about the ending of her show, she made it clear that she isn’t quite ready to put her role to rest. Originally airing on CBS, CBS plans on selling episodes of Judge Judy reruns to other networks and stopping the production of Judge Judy after 25 years. Sheindlin made it known that CBS owns all 25 seasons of the show, which translates to 25 years’ worth of reruns.


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The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Since CBS owns all of Judge Judy, Sheindlin won’t be able to work under the title Judge Judy. While talking to Ellen, Judy Sheindlin mentioned continuing her brand outside of CBS under the name Judy Justice. If Sheindlin does this, CBS will not have rights to anything else that she produces.

The last season of Judge Judy will be airing from 2020-2021 and it can be aired only on CBS.