Taylor Swift’s Released Her Self Directed Music Video for ‘The Man’

Christopher Polk/NBC

Taylor Swift released her new music video and fans are going crazy.

“The Man” came to life in Taylor Swift’s new music video. She released a teaser for the fan-favorite track off of her newest album Lover. Of course, fans speculated theories about the new video. The teaser showed what appears to be a man staring out a window, but fans believed that it will actually be Swift herself. Everyone is also excited because the video is being directed by Swift.

A couple of days ago, Swift posted a photo of a long white hallway featuring 19 hands. Fans have also been theorizing what this means. Some believe it relates to Kanye and Kim because the hallway resembles their house. The 19 hands may symbolize how Swift was only 19 years old when West interrupted her acceptance speech.

The other theory is that the 19 hands represent cameos that will be in the video. In Swift’s “Woman of the Decade” speech at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, she mentioned 18 different artists, such as Lizzo and Halsey. This means those women may appear beside her in the music video, which would make 19 women total.

Whether these theories are right or not, we know we love the music video. This will be the third video Swift will release in support of the song. The first was a lyric video and the second was her performing the song live in Paris.

Watch the video for yourself and see what you think.