Take a Look at How Harvey Weinstein Was Found Guilty


Weinstein was found guilty on February 24th for sexually assaulting two women.

Harvey Weinstein is guilty of two of five charges and can face a maximum of 29 years in prison. He was found guilty of a criminal sex act for assaulting production assistant Mimi Haleyi in 2006. He is also guilty of the third-degree rape of Jessica Mann in 2013. Weinstein was then ordered to jail immediately after conviction.

The jury consisted of seven men and five women. They deliberated for 30 hours after hearing weeks of testimony according to The New York Times. Throughout the entire trial, the jury saw a total of 35 witnesses testify, which included six women who said that Weinstein sexually assaulted them so they could establish a predatory behavior. He was not charged over the events that the four other women described.

Many of Weinstein’s victims and women’s rights groups celebrated the conviction because it is creating a new era of empowerment for women. Activist Trana Burke’s MeToo Movement joined women together as they shared their own experiences with harassment and sexual assault.

“This case reminds us that sexual violence thrives on unchecked power and privilege. The implications reverberate far beyond Hollywood and into the daily lives of all of us in the rest of the world,” Burke said in a statement, “And, though today a man has been found guilty, we have to wonder whether anyone will care about the rest of us tomorrow. This is why we say ‘me too.’”