Check out Netflix’s New Original Show ‘I Am Not Okay With This’


Get ready to watch another binge-worthy show that explores adolescence and puberty in what seems to be the quirky sibling of Stranger Things

I Am Not Okay With This, Netflix’s new original show, recently premiered on Netflix and already received stellar reviews for its creativeness. The show follows the protagonist, Sydney, who is what seems to be at the peak of puberty. As time goes on and she gets angry, she notices that she control things with her mind. The story progresses with Sydney having to deal with her newfound powers and her emotions simultaneously.

The series is adapted from a graphic novel written by Charles Forsman. The story of I Am Not Okay With This was then later created and directed by Jonathan Entwistle. The series is only seven episodes long but within that time, viewers are able to become well acquainted with the protagonist’s backstory  and explore all the them presented in the show.

You can watch I Am Not Okay With This now with your Netflix subscription.