You Have to Watch Taylor Swift’s Live Performance of ‘The Man’

Will Heath/NBC

Taylor Swift performs “The Man” live on stage in Paris.

The talented Taylor Swift gives us a taste of empowerment with her live music video from last fall’s City of Lovers Paris concert. Swift teased us on Twitter last night before releasing the video at midnight.

The video features the singer on a stool in the spotlight confidently singing this feminist filled track. The audience sings along with Swift making the experience even more moving.

“The Man” live from Paris was released last month and is all about how the media would perceive and treat her differently if she were a man. This offers a new lyrical perspective aiding to the realization that when it comes to the treatment of men and women, there is an obvious gap, especially in the world of music.

The song has a beautiful empowering message that all of us should live by, challenging the ongoing double standard between men and women in the music industry and beyond.


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The Man – Live From Paris ✨ Song/video tonight at Midnight ET

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