Find out Why Tom Holland Got Rid of Instagram

Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

Tom Holland jumped on the mental health train by deleting his Instagram app.

Every day, another celebrity is opening up about the difficulties of having social media. From constantly getting notifications to trying to create that perfect image online, it can hurt anyone’s perception of the self and be harmful to their mental health. Tom Holland has begun to feel the same way.

Holland’s new film, Onward, provides a cautionary tale about technology. In a recent interview, Holland was asked what that one thing about technology is that he would get rid of, and he immediately replied with Instagram. The actor confessed that he has already deleted the app off of his phone. He said he started to become obsessed with the app and wanted to constantly know how many likes he was getting or what people were saying about him and his work.

He admitted that getting rid of the app has been sort of freeing. He gets to focus on himself more and think about working on himself and his future. Getting rid of the distraction helps him focus more on problems he has been facing and finding solutions to them.


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