Netflix Announced Season 3 of ‘Sex Education’

Sam Taylor/Netflix

The ongoing show Sex Education has announced its third season due to popular demand. 

Sex Education is a Netflix original that first released early 2019. Since then, it received an appraisal for its humor and drama that targets issues that most teenagers are faced with. The show is based in the U.K., however many themes seen in the show can be related in places all around the world.

The show follows a teenager named Otis Milburn, who seems to be inexperienced but then realizes that he has the ability to dish out advice to his classmates at a cost. Otis uses his mother who’s a sex-therapist and her notes to translate it to a younger audience. Season 2 of Sex Education leaves us off  with Otis confessing his emotions to his love interest but it gets sabotaged in the end.

The Netflix announcement is led by Alistair Petrie as he covers all the characters in the show. There isn’t an official release date for the show but stay tuned for the new season.