What Yo Gotti Can’t Live Without With GQ


Rapper Yo Gotti, also known as Mario Sentell Giden Mims, is an American music industry professional from Memphis Tennessee. 


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The rapper has built a five million dollar empire and has been in the music industry since 1996. With top songs like “Rake It Up,” “Act Right,” and “Numb,” 5he rapper has been immensely popular throughout the last three decades and continues to achieve success in the music industry.

GQ takes a peek at ten things the artist cannot live without. His essentials include; his lucky Louis Vuitton cash bag, a notebook pad where the rapper writes lyrics, custom cologne, and perfectly white clean Puma’s. Every day Yo Gotti wears a jewel incrusted watch and drinks champagne. He divulges some of his other favorite items. Check out the interview below.