Listen to Sam Smith’s All Too Relatable Single ‘To Die For’

Capitol Records

On the 13th of February, singer Sam Smith released the audio and video for their new single, ‘To Die For.’ In the midst of Valentine’s Day, Sam Smith sheds light on the opposite end of the day’s spectrum; the downside of singlehood and all of the sentiments that come with the territory.

In the music video, the story is told from the perspective of Sam Smith, as a mannequin head. They spend a vast number of their days behind the glass, watching all the humans happily walk by, while they are confined to one spot, all by their lonesome. They long to experience the feeling of love and the same happiness the humans feel.

At some point in the ballad they sing, “Solo shadow on a sidewalk, just want somebody to die for. Sunshine living on a perfect day whilst my world’s crashing down.” The entire song holds the ability to resonate with almost every individual because most everyone has felt this way at some point in their life.

The whole album itself will be released on May 1st of this year. You can pre-order it here.