Be on the Look out for the New Unusual Pixar Movie Coming Soon

Disney Pixar

Chris Pratt and Tom Holland star in an upcoming Pixar movie that is not quite like the others.

Pixar is all about fantasy worlds, but this one is something different. Onward is coming to theaters on March 6th and features a setting that is not quite like the other Pixar movies we are used to.

The movie is set in a world that magic used to be a norm, but has faded over the years. Two elf brothers in their teens, Ian (Tom) and Barley (Chris) Lightfoot are set on a journey after Ian receives a wizard staff for his sixteenth birthday with a spell to bring back their passed father for only 24 hours. When the spell flops they are left with only their father’s legs sending them on a quest to bring back the rest of him.

This is a coming of age movie with a lot of emotion and fun involved filled with magic. The other characters are voiced by Octavia Spencer, Ali Wong, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Lena Waithe and Mel Rodriguez.


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You can catch this movie next month in theaters so grab your fam or friends for a wholesome laugh.