Watch Ariana Grande on Showtime Series ‘Kidding’

Alfredo Flores/Republic Records

Ariana Grande is set to guest-star on the Jim Carrey’s Showtime series Kidding.

Grande will appear as Piccola Grande, the Pickle Fairy of Hope, “and the more hope you have, the bigger she is,” series creator and executive producer Dave Holstein told Entertainment Weekly. “You can expect her to melt your heart and empty your eyes.”

In July, the pop star announced her guest role on Twitter, with a post that featured a heartwarming photo of she and Carrey hugging.

Holstein divulged that Grande will be singing two original songs in the episode, and called her character “the personification of hope. Her mantra is: ‘If you can see me, how bad can things be?’”

Grande is returning to TV after having a fairly successful career in the medium. She started out on Nickelodeon’s Victorious and then received her own spin-off series with Sam & Cat. Following her transformation into a music superstar, she had TV guest spots on Scream Queens and featured in Hairspray Live! You can also catch her on film, with minor movie roles in Zoolander 2 and Men in Black: International.

Watch Grande stretch her acting muscles on Kidding, which airs February 23.


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