Take a Peek at Lil Nas X New Music Video ‘Rodeo’

Tanima Mehrotra/Columbia Records

Lil Nas X, is an American rapper, singer and songwriter; He came to prominence for his country rap cross over single “Old Town Road” and now brings another new music video to the table “Rodeo.”


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Lil Nas X, appears as a vampire with bloodshot red eyes, he fends off attackers in an all white stucco like attire in the dead of night.


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The song makes several references to pop culture. Doritos are featured in the video, as vampires are gorging on them; Estee Lauder Perfume also makes a cameo. It is a very Michael Jackson esc video with vampires dancing to the pop song. A reference to The Matrix is also made.

The story line is by Lil Nas X himself with help from Bradley and Pablo. Check out the video below.