See How Jameela Jamil Stands Up for Herself


After receiving some backlash for being a new judge in HBO Max’s new show Legendary, Jameela Jamil stands up for herself.

HBO Max announced in a press release that Jamil would be a new judge and emcee in their show Legendary, an upcoming series featuring ballroom competitions. For decades, ballroom competitions have showcased the style and talents of LGBTQ people and some are criticizing Jamil being on the show when she has no ties to the ballroom community.

Not only has she been facing backlash, but the press release had been wrong as well. Jamil is not going to be the emcee of the show, Dashaun Wesley is. HBO Max released a new press release correcting their mistake.

Jamil decided to come out as queer after reading some negative reviews. She explained how hard it was growing up and not having one openly out person in her family. She never wanted to be seen as jumping on the bandwagon or posing as someone she is not. Jamil explained, “It’s also scary as an actor to openly admit your sexuality, especially when you’re already a brown female in your thirties. This is absolutely not how I wanted it to come out.”

While there will always be negative comments, many people are reaching out to Jamil and supporting her in every way possible. People can relate to how she feels about wanting to hide that part of herself and are proud of her for coming out, even though it isn’t exactly how she wanted to do it.

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