You’ll Never Guess What Elon Musk Did

Darren Michaels/CBS

The entrepreneur released a surprise EDM track after Tesla stock increased.

When people hear the name Elon Musk, they think businessman or creator of Tesla. Now, it is time to add an EDM songwriter to that list. Musk wanted to share his good times with the rest of the world so he released a song titled “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe.”

Musk is listed as “Elon ‘EDM’ Musk” on Spotify and this will be the second release under his “Emo G Records” brand. The first song was “RIP Harambe” in honor of the beloved Cincinnati Zoo gorilla. For this new song, he wrote the lyrics and performed the vocals all by himself.

There are some mixed reviews with some good and bad, but many of his fans are enjoying the song. The song only consists of about 14 words with Musk’s auto-tuned voice being almost unrecognizable. People are posting GIFs and videos of Musk’s silly dance moves set to his new song.

The song has already been streamed over 1 million times. This will add to the good fortune that Musk has been having since Tesla’s stock prices surged so high and the Model Y SUV is coming early. Be sure to check out Elon Musk’s new track.