Alicia Keys Talks Kobe Bryant and Paying Respects at the Grammys

Francis Specker/CBS

In a recent interview with Ellen, the two touched on the night of the Grammys and the part Alicia Keys played in paying respects to Kobe Bryant who sadly, left us earlier that day.

This year’s Grammys was indeed a highly emotional one, as it occurred on the same day of the passing of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna Bryant, and seven others in the same tragic event.

While on the subject of the accident,  the singer stated, “So I think it was definitely a crazy feeling, because literally minutes before, we were going to do something else, and we had to really figure out how [we could] properly honor him in his house on this night.”

An amazing example of “properly honor[ing] him” being the incredibly moving speech that was given by her to kickstart the ceremony.

Many can agree that she and everyone else involved in paying tribute did him justice, even given the time constraint. The entirety of the Grammys was truly emotional, lively, and beautiful to say the least.