‘Saved by the Bell’ Reboot Announced


The acclaimed show that ran throughout the early 90s, Saved by the Bell, is set to return on NBC’s new streaming service.

NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock, will introduce the reboot with a fresh line of new faces. It’s already been announced that Mitchell Hoog will play Mac Morris, Zack Morris’ son. So far, the plot reveals that Zac Morris is the Governor of California and Mac Morris has to deal with the rippling effects of his father’s decisions in his high school, Bayside.


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Former Saved by the Bell actor Mario Lopez is set to be the producer of the reboot. He met with NBC News to discuss the details about the reboot and the role that he’s intended to play.

The show is expected to bring back so many nostalgic memories but word has yet to be released about the official air date. However, be ready to enjoy a re-envisioned look at Bayside High School in the near future.