Find out Why Issa Rae Is Tired of Talking About the Oscars

Nathan Congleton/NBC

Issa Rae has revealed that she is “tired” of having conversations about the lack of diversity in Hollywood, with little to no change presented after every discussion.

In a recent interview for Variety and iHeart’s movie podcast The Big Ticket, Rae expressed that the continual controversy surrounding the Oscars, combined with the lack of any significant action towards improvement was an exasperating state of affairs for all involved.

Rae asserts that this is not the first or the last time it will happen, but predicts that if the pendulum swings in the other direction there will be fire over the Oscars becoming the “affirmative action awards” adding, “it’s just like you can’t win anyway.”

However, the Insecure actress said that she wants to continue to create complex, diverse representations for the screen to combat the popular stereotypes that saturate mass media. She referenced Lupita Nyong’o and her performance in the horror film, US, as an example of not only a complicated and intense role, but one that was largely ignored come awards time.


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Rae has continued to push forward, and is currently promoting her new romantic drama The Photograph, in which she portrays a New York City museum curator who falls in love with a magazine reporter (Lakeith Stanfield) after he reaches out to talk about her late mother photographs.  Check out the film when it hits theaters on February 14.