Meet the New #AExME Crew Featuring Real People, Real Style, and Real Mexico City

American Eagle

American Eagle is a well-known clothing store globally and wants to take on global diversification.The brand represents sustainability, body positivity, and self-expression along with a new generation of activists. Each year a lucky group of positive social influencers is chosen to represent the brand through the AExMe council.



This year American Eagle features Mexico City and the residents that live there. Mexico City is the largest city in North America and one of the most culturally influenced.



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Real people. Real style. Real Mexico City. The #AExME crew is sharing their stories, their style, their creativity.

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This year the featured crew is made up of; Alejandra, Leonardo, Valeria, Roberto, Mare, Leonel, Karla, and David. The cast does a quick touch on their passions which include a range of interests like modeling, music, skating, and illustrating.  The video takes us around the bright streets, rooftops, and homes of the AExMe council’s beautiful Mexico City as they discuss what it’s like to be themselves.