Dive in and Take a Byte With Vine’s New Successor


Co-creator of Vine, Don Hofmann, officially released a new app called Byte, which is expected to take over the mantel that Vine once had. 

Hofmann has been working on Byte since Vine officially shut down in 2016. Byte shares the same elements of Vine: videos are only six seconds long and users have the ability to connect with content creators. Since Byte is still in beta, there are many features that have yet to be implemented into the application.

The engagement from Byte’s users is necessary for its success. Hofmann is taking the community approach by listening to all the feedback that’s reported, which is a good sign. This feedback is almost necessary for Byte to thrive in the video media market.

Be sure to check out the new app concept, the beta is available now and can be downloaded on Android and iOS.